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What is TalentBrew?

A technology that supercharges your ATS and comes with the brains, advice and support of an entire recruitment marketing team. Digital strategists. Creative thinkers. Media experts. All wanting the same thing for your business - better results. It’s software with a real service.

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Why TalentBrew?

Your candidates, you and your business can all benefit from TalentBrew.

For your candidates

Your business

Deliver the jobs they want without the fuss. On whatever device they’re using. Everything is fully responsive and SEO optimised. All automatically.

Once your candidates find a role, they’re given all the relevant information they need to make a considered decision – maps, employee stories, relevant articles – in the place where they’re most likely to read it; at the job description.

For you and your business

Your business

Take the stress out of recruiting. Automatically optimise everything for SEO and distribute jobs to multiple job boards, all while guaranteeing that those jobs can be viewed on any device.

Then add relevant content to jobs, so your candidates can understand who you are and self-select in or out before applying.

Your candidates aren’t ready to apply straight away? No problem. A simple, straightforward job alert sign up keeps them engaged and gives you a wealth of valuable candidate data you can use later on.

And if that isn’t enough, with TalentBrew being ‘always on’ technology, you’ll have a recruitment colleague that literally never sleeps. Continuously measuring and tracking, the key data and insights it produces allow us to update, upgrade and improve at every step. All with the ultimate goal of reducing media spend and increasing your ROI.

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